Growing Respect For Women In SEO Technology

In the past there were women that played pivotal roles in the development of SEO technology, but all too often their impact was left in the background. Fortunately, recently there has been an increase in the acknowledgement of the roles that women play in all kinds of STEM careers, both from the past and currently. Here are just a few examples of the amazing things that women in web technology have accomplished.

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Katherine Johnson is just one example of a woman who only recently became famous for her work that changed the world. She was known inside NASA as being a mathematical genius, personally doing all of the math to determine the flight paths of some of the first flights to enter space. Without her calculations no one knows how long it would have taken before we were able to reach the moon. Not only did she make history with her achievements, but she ensured the safety of many astronauts that were very much putting their lives on the line for the advancement of science. With the release of the movie, “Hidden Figures”, she finally became as famous as she really had deserved to be decades before.

Another woman that really hasn’t gotten the recognition that she deserves, along with a team of 80 other women, is Williamina Fleming. She worked tirelessly helping Harvard scientists, including Edward Pickering, compute numbers, also acting as computers. This work is what enabled these renowned scientists the ability to begin to understand the world as we now do. At the time their work was seen as clerical and very little attention was given to their contribution to the advancement of science and technology. their work calculated a wide variety of relationships in the universe including the distance of spatial objects in relation to the earth and other points in the galaxy and beyond.

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Women also played a crucial role in technology during World War II. Without them the was likely would have turned out very differently. Not only did they help to separate the uranium that was used in the atomic bombs, but they also were instrumental in completing the calculations needed to understand the trajectory of missiles and other weapons being used at the time. In fact, these calculations went further into being responsible for programming the very first computer used by the military, known as ENIAC. Again, the work was considered woman’s work, but in reality they did some of the most intensive labor and complicated mathematics in order to advance technology.

These are just a few examples of the great work that women have done to advance search engine optimization technology. Fortunately, in the years to come, it is more likely than ever that they will get the recognition that they deserve.

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How to encourage more women in Honolulu to become SEO specialists in technology is the burning question these days. The online digital marketing industry has previously been dominated by men, and we need more diversity in search engine optimization experts. Hawaii SEO services and web design companies are starting to use high tech software and tools to become more efficient and cost effective.

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One amazing woman in search engine optimization technology that you may never had heard of is Karen Spärck Jones. she is responsible for creating the programming language that was necessary for platforms like Google. Without her groundbreaking work we would not be able to simply type in a word to get the information that we have grown so accustomed to today. Her work at Cambridge in the Language Research Unit created the information retrieval that is necessary for us to get information at the click of a button.