Call for Speakers: Ruby Manor

Ruby Manor have been in touch – they have an open, anonymous submissions process and are really keen to have more submissions from women and other under-represented groups.

Ruby Manor is a one-day, community-driven event based in London, which aims to strengthen the community of Ruby Developers via a generous handful of interesting presentations and lots of informal getting-to-know-each-other.¬†We’re looking for talks that are principally about interesting aspects or uses of the Ruby programming language, or generally anything that might be of interest to an audience of mostly-Ruby but principally-curious developers.

We use a simple tool called Vestibule ( to submit proposals, and strongly encourage the community to help presenters refine and explore their proposals. This way, everyone has the opportunity to really influence the content of the day, and we find that it really helps presenters ensure that their material is as relevant and engaging as possible. Proposals can be as long or as short as you like Рif there are aspects that may benefit from clarification, the suggestions process should help us drive that out together. Proposals are also anonymous, and will be selected purely based on interest from the community.

Once the successful proposals have been selected by the community, we’ll also help to develop and polish the presentations, via rehearsals where possible and other mechanisms where otherwise necessary.¬†Presentations will be a maximum of 30 minutes + 10 minutes for questions, although if you have something interesting you’d like to talk about which takes less time, then that’s OK too. We’ll build the schedule around the best proposals, rather than forcing everyone into an equal-sized slot.