Articulate aims to raise the profile of women speakers in the technology and the creative industries by offering public speaking training, developing partnerships with event programmers, and giving better access to talented female speakers.

We believe industry conferences and events would be more interesting, relevant and challenging if they reflected the diversity of their audiences. Gender balance is just one element of this diversity, but it’s an important one that we’re able to change.

There are hundreds of expert women in our speaker directory on Lanyrd, with all kinds of specialisms including service design, architecture, software engineering, entrepreneurship, biomedical science and more. Explore the directory | Sign-up as a speaker.

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Let’s make conferences better for everyone by putting an end to all-male line-ups and token women speakers.

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Articulate is run on a voluntary basis. If you can offer time to maintain the speaker directory, run outreach campaigns, contact event organisers or generally spread the word, then email us on hello@wearecaper.com.

We’re also looking for sponsors to invest in the future of women speakers. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss supporting a training or outreach programme.

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If you’re a self-defined woman who is interested in speaking at industry events, add your details to the Google form and we’ll add you to the directory on Lanyrd.

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It doesn’t matter how many great women speakers are listed in the directory if there aren’t events for them to speak at. Our goal is for the ratio of male to female speakers at creative and technology conferences to reach 50:50. We believe this will result in more interesting, challenging and engaging events that give more value to both conference organisers and attendees, and which – ultimately – inspire us all to work in better and more interesting ways.
As such, we’re committed to helping event and conference organisers widen their networks, think about new formats and attract a diverse range of speakers.

If you run a conference and would like to be a part of the Articulate network, please get in touch on hello@wearecaper.com.

Who Are We?

Articulate is run by Caper, powered by Lanyrd and supported by Mudlark. We’re doing this because we felt it needed to be done.

Caper is a creative agency. We run innovation programmes and create digital campaigns, strategies and prototypes for a range of clients, including cultural organisations, media companies and brands.

Lanyrd, an Eventbrite company, is a social conference directory.

Mudlark organise the Playful conference, and the Speaker Directory began in response to conversations that happened online after Playful in 2011. Mudlark is a digital production company that makes life playable. We create good digital things with stories, games, data, and user experience design.